'Home & Away'
The 2019 Canadian Regional Art Calendar
In keeping with the tradition of Regionalism in art, this local project features a cross-section of the independent arts community – from household-name established artists, to mid-career and emerging. While promoting an awareness of the natural environment, the continuity of craftsmanship in art is preserved in this stunning collection of images from across Canada. Not only does this calendar highlight the most skilled painters of our day, it brings to a wider public the history of Regionalism. This surprising and uplifting story is overlooked in most contemporary accounts of art history. It is the aim of the artists associated with this project to continue the legacy of Regionalism: effecting positive change in the world through their art. We hope you will support us in the endeavour. Please order your copy now - the first printing is already sold out at the publisher.

Cover image by artist Wayne Mondok

Participating Artists

Brent Townsend - Andrew Cheddie Sookrah - John Ovcacik - April SGaana Jaad White Wayne Mondok - Anja Karisik - Angela Lorenzen - W. David Ward - Michael Dumas - John Stuart Pryce - Mark Fletcher - Gerry Sevier