Artists participating in our projects are listed below. Please click on their name to visit their website. Currently we are working with over a hundred Canadian artists, and we have located works for a growing list of collectors; those dedicated, specifically, to supporting independent art in Canada. Artists whose works we've sold, to date, include:

We have placed work (paintings and original prints) ranging in price from $150 to $15,000. Our goal, in addition to helping independent artists make a living, is to draw attention to the importance of independent art itself. As stated on the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition website:

'The New Regionalism 'project' is dedicated to spreading an awareness of the correlation between free expression in the arts, and open, democratic society.'

Commentaries on Regionalism (in art) can be seen on the main page of this site, under the heading: 'What is Regionalism'. We hope you will feel compelled to make a statement with your next art acquisition. Please help us support independent culture, by allowing us to locate a work that will speak for you.               Also see:   'Home & Away'

Andrew Cheddie Sookrah - April (Sgaana Jaad) White - Anja Karisik - Sophie Lavoie - W. David Ward - Gary Landon - Robert Landon - Jaalen Edenshaw - Gwaai Edenshaw


Brent Townsend - Andrew Cheddie Sookrah - John Ovcacik - April (Sgaana Jaad) White - Wayne Mondok - Anja Karisik - Angela Lorenzen - W. David Ward - Michael Dumas - John Stuart Pryce - Mark Fletcher - Gerry Sevier


Andrew Cheddie Sookrah - Angela Lorenzen - Anja Karisik - April White - Brent Trach - Billy-Jack Milligan - Chris Bacon - Ciba Karisik - Gary Landon - George Raab - Gerry Sevier - John Ovcacik - John Stuart Pryce - Mark Fletcher - Michael Dumas - Sophie Lavoie - Tim Hough - W. David Ward - Wayne Mondok

Andrew Cheddie Sookrah - Anja Karisik - April White - Amélie Bonin - Ciba Karisik - Gary Landon - George Raab - Gerry Sevier - John Ovcacik - John Stuart Pryce - Michael Dumas - Tim Hough - W. David Ward - Wayne Mondok - David Grieve - Joe Sampson - Peter Rotter - John Maurer - Tony Taylor


2017: Azadeh Pirazimian - Stephanie Avery - Barb Ten Eycke - Cindy Lee - Stephen Perry Tony Tayler - Soraya Hutchinson

Clare Allin - Francesca Chan - Tony Taylor - Yaohua Yan - Mariana Topfstedt - Emanuel Pavao - Julia Hepburn - Maria Drazilov - Stephen Perry - Lora Moore-Karaletris Daniel St–Amant - Eshwar Prasad Dindigala - Melissa Espina - Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart - Richard Ahnert - Joseph R. Adam - Ahmad Massoud