New Regionalism Building
Last year, New Regionalism made an appearance at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival with a booth of our own. The response was overwhelmingly positive. This year, we were offered an entire building. As the most influential commentator on Regionalism, Lucy Lippard, once suggested, all art is Regional. I always like to qualify this by saying all independent art is Regional (and Regional art, of course, is independent). And certainly, no place could be more regional than Buckhorn. As always, it was a pleasure to be there for the weekend. Many thanks to those who attend the event, and to those, in particular, who purchased work, supporting not just the artists, but this important independent art venue as well.

This year's participating artists were as follows:

Hummingbird building (setting up)

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival Grounds - before the open.
Before the doors open

W. David Ward, Michael Dumas, Gary Landon and Amélie Bonin (still setting up)

David Grieve, John Maurer and Andrew Sookrah (see other works - below)

W. David Ward, Amélie Bonin and husband - Fab

Doors open - visitors arrive

Artists John Maurer (left) and guests


Works by Ciba Karisik Anja Karisik and April SGaana Jaad White

Works by Peter Rotter and Joe Sampson

Works by Tim Hough


Works by Gerry Sevier, John Stuart Pryce, George Raab and Michael Dumas

Works by George Raab, Mchael Dumas and Tony Taylor

We're looking forward to next year's festival, Buckhorn's 42nd. We hope you will join us there. Please sign our mailing list form (below) for udpates on this, and other events.