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The Future Looks Rosier...

"The Future Looks Rosier..."
Acrylic on canvas - 20" x 54"

“The Future Looks Rosier…” A title to be interpreted, or completed, as the viewer sees fit. My take on the proverbial "rose tinted glasses", but glasses of another kind. This composition is based on a view from the hotel patio in the town of Uummannaq. Recognized widely as the most beautiful community in Greenland, if not the whole of the north, it is the perfect place to leave behind all those worries of the world! The painting is a commentary on human nature, our ability to filter reality through the "lens" of our choosing. How we see the world, and issues that confront us, depends very much on what we want to see. Speculations aside, what drew me to this conceptual image was not just the stunning beauty of a northern landscape, but the contrast of a sublime arctic panorama encapsulated within this most mundane of vessels. Crisp, and yet strangely distorted, the view through the glass becomes more real than the actual landscape - The resulting image is beautiful and yet strangely disturbing.

To read a summary of the trip which will elaborate a little more on the conceptual underpinnings of this painting, please see: "Currently7"
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