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PechaKucha, Markham - June 6th, 2014, at the Varley Art Gallery

What is PechaKucha?
Pechakucha is Japanese for 'chit-chat', and it is just that, though you'll never pronounce the word correctly – unless you're Japanese, of course. In this event (PechaKucha - Markham, Vol 3), eight speakers were invited to 'chit-chat' on various, mostly art related, subjects. Participants are allowed 400 seconds (6mins, 40secs in all) to tell their stories, this allows twenty seconds for each of the 20 images in the presentation. It sounds easy, but the process is strictly regimented, and the images move on, relentlessly, according to the clock. It's a challenge, and that's partly why it's so much fun.

When asked to speak, I suggested three different subjects, my art being one, naturally. It was the story of my recent book and the 'Little Folk,' however, that generated the most enthusiastic response. Video of the event has not yet been posted on the Gallery website, but the images from my presentation, and accomplanying text, can be seen below – and here, at least, you'll be able to read at your own pace.

I hope you'll enjoy this story of the Isle of Man, and an encounter with the 'Little Folk'.

© W. David Ward All rights reserved