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In support of The Friends of Point Pelee and The Pelee Island Bird Observatory, a collection of small works by some of Canada's most recognized independent artists is currently on display at the Point Pelee Visitor Centre.       DIRECTIONSMAPS

These pieces of original art have been selected specifically for affordability and size, and the proceeds of your 'acquisition' will help both the above mentioned organizations with their ongoing projects. The artists, who have offered these works on consignment (framed, at their own expense) receive half the retail price, which will help them continue their work, fostering a love for, and a connection to, the natural world.

To see how these artists have been active in their communities, advocating for conservation and greater awareness, please visit the websites listed below. We draw your attention to the work of Michael Dumas, Nigel Shaw and Chris Bacon in particular, but all of the artists here invite you to view more of their work and to sign their mailing lists.
(See the links below)

Thank you, from the artist, The Friends of Point Pelee and The Pelee Island Bird Observatory.

Work will be on display, and available for purchase, as part of the Spring bird migration fundraising drive. It is likely some pieces will remain at the Visitor Centre for the duration of the season. Available pieces may be seen by clicking on the 'View work' links below.

Participating Artists

Chris Bacon  
Michael Dumas
Tim Hough  
Anja Karisik
Laura Kingsbury
Gary Landon  
Eddie Lepage
Billy-Jack Milligan  
Wayne Mondok
George Raab
Karen Richardson  
Nigel Shaw  
Andrew Sookrah
Brent Trach
April White
W. David Ward

Green swatch indicates work at the Visitor Centre currently   The other artists have made work   available, please contact directly

The weekend of May 7th, while over on Pelee Island for various PIBO events, we happened on the notice below at Pelee Art Works. I thought I'd share it, as it applies equally in the case of our artists.   Food for thought!

and, of course, 'For The Birds', 2016
Thanks from us too.

Artists Gary Landon, Anja Karisik and me
waiting to board the Pelee Island Ferry.

© W. David Ward All rights reserved